Why December is the best time to join direct sales

7 Reasons Why December is the perfect time to join direct salesThink December is the wrong time to join Direct Sales?

I’m here to tell you 7 reasons why it is the BEST time to join!

You will be going to parties and meeting new people-

Just think of all the fun conversations you can have about your amazing new products! The questions might come up like “so what do you do?” This is a golden opportunity to say “I’m a teacher,nurse,lawyer,doctor,….but what I’m super excited about starting my own business! Let the conversation go from there and you might end up with a new partner or customer!

Hello big discount on holiday gifts-

Think of all the friends and family you can gift your product to! If it already didn’t come in your kit, you will get anywhere from a 20-50%(or more) discount for all your shopping! Oh- and easy peasy, no malls, no parking lots with people honking at you. I might be projecting my parking phobia on you right now.


You can take advantage of your extra days off to figure it out 

Direct sales is so incredible because it’s just like a business in a box. Everything you need to succeed is right in front of you, usually with a website for training and your upline will help- While you are still learning you are able to make money! It’s called “earn while you learn” and it’s so true!

You will get a tax deduction

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, but from everything I know about it, your business kit is a business expense. And, even if you join half-way through the month in the very last month of the year, it’s a write off! (Once you are a business owner, you get a lot of other tax deductions too! I will double down on my disclaimer: check with your accountant.Working on taxes image

Up and running on January 2nd!

Since you took those few days to get acclimated to your awesome stuff, You can hit the ground running right at the start of the new year! If you met people at all your parties and events, and had those conversations I mentioned, you most likely will get your first paycheck in January! which brings us to my next reason for starting in December….

Pay down your holiday bills

Did you go a little crazy and lose track of all the places you used your credit card? $20 here, $15 there, $100 night out, etc. It all comes flooding back when you open your statement in January. Bleh

You deserve to treat yourself

This might be the best reason of all! You worked hard all year and after all, it is the holidays and there is nothing more exciting when your beautiful box of products arrive! Can you say Christmas morning?

Before you take the plunge and join, make sure you do your due diligence. Read the 3 things you should do before you join a direct sales company. 

Time to stop overthinking and get your new year off to a great start!


xo stacy



22 unique white elephant gifts for your party

Image 22 White Elephant Gifts that won't break the bank

22 unique gifts to bring for white elephant party

It’s that time of year where you will be invited to a lot of events and parties and be expected to bring a gift. Either something funny, creative, white elephant, and it’s hard to come up with ideas. That’s where this comes in.

Some of these are adult content only so don’t look if you will be offended!

If you’re still reading and you don’t get offended about stuff like that- be careful around your little ones while reading because there are images!

Also, I want to set the record straight before you dive in: I’m a really nice person and some of these are sarcastic and mean spirited which can be hilarious to some but not everyone. In other words; I am not suggesting these will be received well, but all fit the category of gifts you are looking for.

Talking Hamster-

This little cutie will repeat everything everyone says! Could be risky, but pretty hilarious too!

Insult people and get your Shakespeare in at the same time! 

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Instant Audience

I could personally use this! Trying to be funny and it’s just not working out?All the time for me. BAM!

Bullshit Button

Turn any event into a party with this handy dandy button!

Bob Ross Bobblehead

See the pure joy on the faces of all Bob Ross fans! There is no such thing as mistakes, right?

Funny coffee mug about pooping

Who are all the lucky souls that this describes?

The perfect winter hat

The finishing touch to your winter party outfit. Who knows, maybe this will inspire someone special to snuggle up to your forehead!



Draft beer jelly beans

The perfect gift for your beer lover, or to make sure your teen doesn’t like beer! I haven’t tried, these but EWWWWW…..sounds so gross.

Hand sanitizer for all the guys in your life

Am I wrong? I’m not a guy, but all the guys I have know love having their hand down their pants. Not sure they would use this though!


What the f#$k should I make for dinner book

Haven’t read this, but my only disappointment about it, is that I didn’t write it myself. All my kids know NOT to ask me this question! (because I never seem to know and it just causes defensiveness. )




Praise stickers for adulting

We all know how hard it is sometimes just to get through the day. Getting a sticker for your effort is always nice, even if you give it to yourself to brag about your accomplishment.


People of Walmart are back

These Walmart people have become a brand. I feel bad laughing at them, if they are real people, it would seem like bullying at its finest, but a very popular gift item!


More ideas for dinner!

The author alone is fantastic! Get your sexy on while you cook. I can’t tell if the tied up chicken is into this sort of thing, or felt pressured.




Funny memo notes for the office

The art is hilarious!




Should have been an email set of mugs

Yes! Perfect for the person who is always in a meeting! Not sure why this comes in “twos” but I”m thinking break up the set and you have 2 gifts!


Talking toilet paper

Perfect for the practical jokester.

Cute dog sentiment cards

Express your deepest thoughts with these adorable cards. These say it all!


Sassy coasters

Make sure to have these out at your next drinking get-together


                                                                                                                                                               Cute wrapping paper for all your white elephant gifts

Super cute idea! Not really a gift per-se but had to add it for the clever factor.



The famous Leg Lamp Night-light

Christmas Story fans will go nuts!



Nature’s Dick Pics Calendar

They had me at the title. Please note: this listing is for 2019 but for some reason the photo doesn’t update.

Caffeine addict mug

We all know people like this, right? Now they can make sure everyone is aware of their current mood.


There you have it! All 22 ideas for your white elephant party. All can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the image.

Looking for other gift ideas that are “nicer?” Take a look at 40 gifts for travelers

or kids baking championship inspired gifts

How about gifts to spoil her? Try Rodan+Fields for everyone on your list

Did you find something that is the perfect gift? Share with me in the comments!

xo stacy


Gift Guide for every Traveler on your list

Gift Guide for travelers with 40 great ideas

40 Awesome gift ideas for travelers. Pinterest Image

I just love putting together gift guides. The idea starts when I’m researching what to get someone in my family and voila- it becomes a post because why not share all the research I’ve done to  make your life easier?

The 40 items are numbered but the numbers don’t mean anything other than for me to keep track. I did organize by categories,so feel free to just scroll past certain things if it doesn’t apply, though I will say, there is some pretty cool stuff on this list that you might just want to get for yourself!


#1 Hilarious title was all it took for me!

But let’s face it: who doesn’t want to know this?


How to shit around the world book with clickable link#2 Great guide for any adventure seeker

1000 Places to see before you die book with Amazon link



#3-Packing cubes in different sizes

I have some that I got a long time ago and it’s so great to organize your things in different little pouches. Keeps you from digging through your whole bag looking for something.

Shacke Pak set of organizing bags clickable link to amazon

#4-Bag for All The Chords

This gift is perfect for the business traveler. Not sure if I would buy for someone who is going on a vacation because, well, they should try and unplug and relax.

Electronics Travel Accessories organizing bag with clickable link

#5-Pack-able Backpack

Look how tiny the little bag is! And-all the colors! This would be perfect for anyone on your list!


Packable backpack in green but available in many colors

#6- A Packing Check List

Always forgetting something? These little pads are so cute!

Pack This Tear off Pad for traveling


#7-Neck Wallet (pickpocket protection)

Don’t let one bad person ruin your whole trip! Conceal all your cards,passport,and cash under your clothes.

Neck Wallet for traveling to conceal passport with Amazon clickable link

#8- Wine Wings-Who knew?

Not me! It never occurred to me to bring wine on a trip! Your wine friends will love you for this!

Wine bottle protector for traveling with Amazon link

#9- Travel Accessories Bundle

Adapter,earplugs,luggage scale and lock, passport holder and an eye mask- all set.


Travel accessories kit with luggage scale and lock

#10- Shoe Bags


Shoe bags for travel for your luggageNo one wants their filthy shoes touching their clean clothes.

#11-Colorful Packing Bag Bundle

Packing bags from Amazon Turqoise Blue I love the clear ones for security!


#12- Make up Bag

Special compartment for brushes and pencils-even has a mirror!

Make up organizer for travel with mirror

#13- Jewelry Bag

Yes please for me. My stuff is always getting tangled in the ziplocs!


Jewelry Organizing bag for travel

#14- Travel Belt

For those that would rather wear a belt than a necklace

Travel Belt for Passports and Cash anti-theft

#15- Space Saver Bags

Suck the air out so you can bring more stuff!


Space Saver Bags for packing

#16- Laundry bag

Laundry Bag for travel in Grey with Laundry Monogrammed It even says Laundry on it so you will not forget



#17- World Adapter

So convenient all in one


Travel Adapter Worldwide white Charging


#18-Stamped Bangle Bracelet

I got this one for my flight attendant daughter and she loves it!


Stamped Bangle Bracelet Rose Gold Safe Trip Wherever you Go

#19- Charm bracelet

Designed like the popular (A &A) bracelets that everyone loves

Bangle charm stainless steel bracelet with charms of airplane globe passport and camera



#20- Postcard Binder

Not really a journal but a great gift for the postcard collector!

Postcard Binder for collecting and storing postcards

#21-Map Journal


Travel Journal with maps on cover#22 Leather Journal

I think this is amazing!

Leather Travel Journal with embossed copper elephant

#23- Refillable Journal with creative inserts

5 star reviews!

Refillable travelers notebook with accessories for creativity



#24- Scratch off Map of the World

This beauty is what inspired me to write this post! I was looking for my daughter(not the flight attendant) and fell in love with this! Next thing you know I’m putting together a gift guide so I can share all the good finds with you. One of my other daughters loves to bake so while shopping for her I made a kid baking gift guide.

Map of the world Hanging Scratch off Art for the wall

#25- Coffee Mug with Water Color Map

You can never have too many coffee mugs

 #26-Travel Inspired Throw Pillows

These are adorable!


#27-Wooden Sign

Bundle with the pillows for a cozy reading nook

#28-Christmas Ornament

Of course be mindful of their customs-some people don’t have Christmas trees!


#29-Dictionary Artwork

What a unique gift! Made on a real dictionary page that was headed for the landfill. Love it!

#30- Wine Charms

These are perfect for the wine lover who travels. (would pair nicely with the wine packing bags)






This is brilliant! And- you can pair it with the book so they will not only know where, but keep clean

#32-Men’s Travel sized Toiletry Bundle

Take the thinking right out of packing!

#33- Ladies Travel Toiletry Bundle


#34- Hand Sanitizing Wipes

When you just can’t wash your hands


#35- Compressed Towels

Throw them in your purse and clean up spills, or a quick face wipe. Think paper towels in a teeny tiny package

#36-Toiletry Pods

I know! How cool are these things?


#37- Hammock for 2

These  are all the rage. Great for camping or lounging on the beach between 2 palm trees(that would be my choice)

#38- Plush Travel Pillow with Hoodie

This would be pure delight! You can hide under the hoodie like you’re in a little cocoon


#39- Portable and Rechargeable Fan

                                                             Why be a hot and sweaty mess?







#40- Inflatable Travel Pillow Set

I just don’t even know what to say about this genius creation! This is exactly how I want to sleep on a plane and the tray table is just too far away from my head!


There you have it. Hope you found something in this guide for your traveler(or yourself) Did you find the right gift? Let us know in the comments!

xo stacy





Gift Guide for aspiring bakers

Kids baking championship show inspired gift guide image for pinterest

Kids baking championship show inspired gift guide

This gift guide is the exact one I made when I was deciding what to get for my 12 year old daughter who is a huge fan of Kids Baking Championship. She loves to bake and every time she wishes for something else.

This list is not geared toward little bitty kids, only because they might think these things are boring and useless.

I chose only items that had at least a 4 star rating and plenty of great reviews. Hope you enjoy! The photos are all clickable to Amazon for easy shopping!

#1-An extra Kitchen Aid Bowl with handle

Everyone can use an extra kitchen aid mixer. I never thought about it really- just wash and dry and re-use. However, from the perspective of a tween/teen- is a dream come true. How do I know? Because every time  Ariel bakes she says I wish I had an extra mixing bowl so I could just start making frosting…fill in the blank

#2 Magnetic Kitchen Conversion chart

This is brilliant! Especially for the younger ones that aren’t up on their math facts just yet. I love the emergency substitution list on the bottom too! Out of honey? No problem!

#3-Liquid Measuring cup

Every baker needs a measuring cup for liquids and this one is oh so clever. You can see the measurements from above, for easy peasy viewing.

#4-Magnetic measuring spoons

Pretty colors and magnetic! So much fun!

#5-Mini Bundt cake pan

 The kids on the baking show are always grabbing little Bundt pans and making adorable little creations. Of course we need one of these pans!


#6-Easy Layer cake pan set

Who doesn’t want to bake a cake that looks like this? This set is so nice because you only need one batch of cake for all 5 pans!

#7-Edible Markers

 Edible markers make it a little easier to decorate if your piping skills aren’t where you’d like just yet.

#8-Flour sifter

I always thought sifters were unnecessary with all the pre-sifted flours, but if Kids Baking Challenge uses them, they make the list! I saw a really pretty teal one, but when the reviews mentioned seeing blue paint in the flour, I decided we don’t have to be cute here. Safety first always!


#9 -3 Tiered cooling rack

This is the perfect cooling rack if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen. Even if you do have a lot of space, sometimes you still might have your big giant baking mess all over the place, so you need your cookies to cool in a small corner somewhere.

#10-Cupcake Carrier with handle

 Ariel bakes almost every weekend!  We finally had to start giving her goodies away because I can’t be trusted not to eat 5 cupcakes in one sitting. I have been using plates covered in foil (you know that sticks to the frosting when you peel it off?) When she saw this case she nearly fell out of her chair!


#11- Set of icing colors

  Nothing like a fresh set of colors for your creations! This would be a great set with the layer cake pan set too!


#12- Giant Bucket of cookie cutters

 Letters and numbers and holidays oh my! So many possibilities for creativity in the big tub of fun!

#12 Set of Silicone Whisks

 We own ONE cracked and rusted metal whisk. This looks like a dream come true for Ariel!



#13 Macaron baking mats

 Boy those kids on the baking show love to make macarons! (we always thought it was pronounced maca-roons, but now we know better) I don’t think Ariel was dying to make them until she saw these awesome mats! Tip: make sure your macarons have good feet!

#14- An adorable pair of oven mitts

We are down to one oven mitt and it has holes. Yes, we have burned our hands. At this time the  responsibility is all mine for putting things in the oven and getting them out. With these, she can take the cookies out of the oven with her BEAR hands! ha ha

#15- Decorating supplies 

 Decorating tips and piping bags is a decorators dream. This one comes in a cute case too!

#16-Baking book especially for kids

I have no experience with this book but it got great reviews


#17- Good quality measuring cups

If your baker doesn’t have measuring cups, start here! Plastic get all wonky in the dishwasher and lose their shape-I sacrificed cute for quality

#18-Cupcake Display

    Such beautiful creations should be displayed!

#19- Plenty of mixing bowls with lids

  At the risk of sounding like our kitchen has nothing, we are usually hard pressed to find more than one or two mixing bowl so these stack-able stainless steel mixing bowls seem luxurious!

#20- A cookie scoop


A cookie scoop is the best. Ariel likes to make her cookies all the same size and this does the job. We also use it for filling cupcake pans. Feeling crazy? Try it as an ice-cream scoop!


#21- Rolling pins

  Non-stick which is so important! If  you have ever used one that isn’t, non-stick you know what I’m talking about, right? This cute set comes with a kneading mat with measurements and 2 cookie cutters!

#22- Brownie cutting tool

I added this one myself. It’s a brownie cutter.  Cut your pan of brownies without scratching up the bottom of your nice pans, and it goes in the dishwasher!








#23- Donut Baking Pan


One word: Donuts

#24- Apron

 Every baker wants to look official. Not only that- wearing an apron is a great place to wipe your hands once you’re tired of licking your fingers. This one is perfect displaying all the goodies to make.




#25- Silicone Baking Mats


I didn’t know these existed! Silicone mats that go in the oven? No greasing,spraying, or parchment paper required. Don’t worry- they are safe.

#26- An entire Baking Set


  Does your baker need to start from scratch? Like the pun? If they just decided they would like to start baking, this would be amazing! Ariel has been begging for a hand mixer for awhile. I don’t get it because I had one for years and couldn’t wait to ditch it for the kitchen aid.


#27- Silicone Cupcake Pan


If you are ever the one stuck with cleaning the cupcake tin- you will really appreciate this silicone non-stick cupcake/muffin pan. Plus- look how pretty! It comes in other colors, but I chose purple.



#28-Air brush machine


Baking has come a long way! How cool would it be to have an air-brusher for your baked goods? This would be a novelty gift for sure and may even be the favorite gift they get!


#29- Cake Cutter and Leveler


Level the cake so your layered cake is not lumpy and uneven before you start decorating.

#30- Anything Duff 🙂

    If you are buying for a kid baking show fan- a book by Duff is a sure win! Ariel got this book last year and loves it! She even has it standing up on her nightstand as decoration.



#31- Cake spinner with icing tools

 I’ve saved the most talked about want for last! A cake spinner for frosting! This is where the wish list began!


I hope you enjoyed this assortment of gift ideas for bakers!

Who is the baker in your life?  Comment here and share what your favorite goody is in the comment.

xo stacy


How to easily donate hair

how to donate hair easy peasy image for pinterest

How to donate hair

It’s really quite simple with a little pre-planning.

You must have long hair!

That’s step 1.

It depends on the organization,  but to be safe I would suggest that you have at least 10 inches you are willing to cut off at one time.

This was a pretty common occurrence in our household, since I have 4 girls. The tricky part was the “all at one time” part. Cutting your hair sometimes is a process and you start off small and end up going back a few times until you end up with 10 inches gone, but in 3 different haircuts. Thus: the pre-planning.

2 types of donations:

Some people love the idea of donating their hair to help others. They plan to donate, taking  great care of their hair and refuse to cut it until they have the minimum requirement. This is such a beautiful act of kindness, and it warms my heart when people are nice.

The other type of people just have really long hair and are ready to chop it all off,  Or a  mom who refuses to have another morning fight about tangles. This post will be about those tired moms.

Before I get into the details, let me share something with you that you may not have thought about.

Some kids are freaked out!

This may sound weird, but I have weird kids so I know. I don’t really understand it, but it’s a thing. When I mentioned “let’s donate your hair” and explained the situation, they actually said “no, I don’t want to do that.” Um…excuse me? Again- I was so shocked by the response, so I didn’t react well.  Instead of trying to understand,  I think I may have spouted off something about being ungrateful and selfish and some other judge-y things about my daughter. I don’t have advice on what to do if she feels this way, just don’t be shocked.

Won’t go the extra inch

My 12-year-old just donated her hair, and it’s disappointing to admit, but  it was a struggle. She had hair past her waist and all summer she had been talking about cutting it all off.

So at the end of the summer she was ready. I said “great you have enough to donate”, and she  was fine until the day came. Then she started saying “maybe I don’t want to cut 10 inches.”  We discussed the difference between 8, 9, or 10 for her vs. what it could mean for someone with no hair. Yes- I was playing the guilt card, but it wasn’t working.

Before photo before donating hair to Locks of Love
Ariel before she had her hair cut

When we got to Great Clips, and I told the stylist we were thinking of donating, she didn’t seem happy about it, in fact she seemed to be put off and implied it was a hassle.  She wasn’t helping my mission at all.

I told her not to worry-we are prepared and she just needs to cut. I share this with you so you don’t let anyone intimidate you into not donating!

Now that we got a few potential issues out of the way, let’s get to the steps!

Call the salon 

Find out ahead of time if your local place will participate in this. Some salons, will actually get involved and make it really easy for you, by taking care of all the details. You just need to let them know you plan on donating  hair and they do the rest.  Great Clips which I mentioned, you’re on your own. That  is totally fine because you will be prepared!

Decide where you want to donate

Do a little research and make sure the charity aligns with your goal of making a difference. I’ve listed 3 different options, but there are more out there, if these don’t do it for you.

We have always donated to Locks of Love, but I’ve listed a few others for you below.

Please note that the Pantene program is going away at the end of 2018. They are the organization that makes wigs for adults.

Locks of Love

Wigs for Kids


Standard guidelines

Wash and dry your hair.

It’s very important that it is dry. or it will mold in the bag and get thrown away when it gets there.  That would just be sad, right?  Not that they will  tell you, but still.

If you have chemically treated hair, permed, colored, etc- make sure you call the organization ahead of time to see if they will accept it. The same goes for grey. Some will accept, some won’t. I know this post is for kids but you never know-maybe you will be planning a mother daughter donation!

Come prepared

Have your hair in a pony tail, or 2, or braid.

Bring a ruler

Have a large gallon type ziplock bag.

Have an addressed large envelope ready to go. (otherwise if you’re like me the creepy pony tail will sit on your kitchen counter for so long, you will end up throwing it away)

Take pictures to send in to the organization! You can even request a thank you to be sent to you or your daughter, unless you are keeping it a secret because she’s freaked out, but  you sent it  in anyway. Yes. I’m guilty.


After photo of 10 inch haircut in order to donate to Locks of Love
Ariel after she cut 10 inches of hair!

Make a really big deal out of the  gift your daughter just gave! Our family celebrates with shakes. Steak n Shake has turned into Starbucks, now that they are older. Frappuccinos are shakes, right?

Congratulations! You have made the world a little bit cheerier! Watch the mail, because she might get a certificate!

Has your daughter donated hair? What are your tips? I would love to have you share in the comments, because I’m sure there are always new things to learn.

XO StacyLet’s connect -I’m everywhere!




What to do after trick or treating?

Halloween night is the best!

What to do after the trick or treating?

Activity for after trick or treating your kids will love pinterest image

All the planning and excitement of what to be, and  seeing all your friends outside in costumes, all for the sole purpose of getting free candy!

When I was little, we were always forced to dump our bags out, so our parents could check each individual piece for razor blades. Not sure if it was a scare tactic, or if some crazy person was actually taking razor blades and somehow stuffing them into fun size Snickers.

My brother and I would be ooohing and ahhhing and already trying to make trades, while our parents were inspecting.

Once I became a parent of trick or treaters, I was looking forward to sharing this trading game with my girls.

When I overheard my daughters and their friends saying things like “oh man- you got so many Snickers, I barely got any” “yea but you got so many Whoppers and I love those!”

I suggested we should hang out a little longer on the floor and do some trading.

I didn’t have to give any direction; these kids were very excited!

They dumped out their candy and started sorting it. (I had already checked for poison, and sharp objects)

I loved seeing their long rows of Reeses and Milky Ways, and especially their different techniques of organizing.

Once everyone was ready the bargaining began. “I’ll give you 3 Mike and Ikes for your full-size Hersheys”

The whole session lasted about 30 minutes and afterward everyone felt accomplished and thrilled with their bounty.

Let’s play Store

The game has continued with all 4 of my girls, and  somehow ended up with the name “Store”  I really don’t know which kid named  it  but it stuck, and  has lasted about 10 years.

Sadly, now that my “baby” is 12 this year,  walking the neighborhood on Halloween night might be coming to an end.  It will be bittersweet as I transition to  being one of those  houses with the cool people in the driveway all warm and toasty from  my fire-pit.  Of course we  will pass out candy while sipping on adult beverages.

Do you play “Store” in your house? I made this cute printable for your kiddos to keep track of their candy 


Make sure you grab it below and may all of your Snickers end up in my pile!