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Teach girls to wash their face at a young age


Your little girl needs to wash her face.  It’s just common sense to teach your children to have good hygiene, right?

Well, it turns out, not everyone teaches this little life skill! In fact, I’m almost positive my own mother didn’t teach me. (mom stories will be a whole different blog!) Since I’m the mom of 4 girls, I also have anecdotal evidence from hosting a million girls on sleepovers- not a lot of face washers.

As a person who likes to empower women, I will try to give a compelling argument to buy all your girls washcloths by the end of this post.

Teach good habits

Better to teach someone how to do something than it is to break bad habits. In this case, the bad habit of going to bed with a dirty face. If it is part of their bedtime routine as a little girl, as they grow older it will not seem like such a chore, when it is a lot more necessary.

little girls should wash their face

 Prevention is huge

Our skin changes in ways that most of us don’t like as part of normal aging. Yes, there are a lot of women who embrace and love their expression lines and I understand that. I am not one of them. I’m thrilled I have the privilege to still be walking around in this life, but my vanity gets the best of me. (more mom stories) If we are early face washers, we are preventing a lot of the aging process. Did you know that 80% of what happens to our skin is in our control? Of course I didn’t know, or I would have been a face washer!

Teenagers, oh my!

Teenage girls. Love them! Sometimes it can be challenging. Their bodies are changing.  Priorities are changing.  Their sleep habits are all over the place. The last thing they want to deal with are zits! OMG! It’s bad enough they have hormones all over the place and can’t explain their moods, but now their face is ruining their life! Yes I am being dramatic on purpose! It’s all drama right now. If  they are already expert face washers, it will be no problem to introduce them to some killer products that can help clear up their face!


Aging in Reverse

Not exactly, but once you start to notice the cute little expression lines and brown spots,  implementing a new skin care routine won’t seem so daunting. Same logic as the teen years. Also, remember how important prevention is? So many people  say to me ” I’m just not good about washing my face so it all just seems like a pain”

I rest my case.

On my way  to  buy some wash cloths for my  girls as I write this.

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