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I'm not a salesperson
I’m not a salesperson

All your friends have jumped on the direct sales bandwagon. Everyone has some sort of product they are selling or party they want you to go to. A lot of them have even asked you to join their team. It’s seems kind of fun and you wouldn’t mind earning some money of your own, but you stop before you even start because you know yourself and there is no way you can sell.

 Why it’s good to not be  a Sales-person

Sales-y is cheesy

No one wants to be “sold” to. Right? If you’re not a salesperson, consider this a fantastic advantage. In fact, sometimes salespeople don’t do well in this industry. Just be authentically you and the rest will fall into place. It’s all about building relationships, not selling.

Do you use your product?

Make sure you LOVE your product and that you believe in it. You are not “selling” because you are really just giving people a recommendation for a product that you are using and love. This is already happening all the time in your everyday life, right?  After seeing  a great movie  you post on facebook that everyone needs to run out and see it. Your dentist is your hero after you made it through a root canal with no pain and you can’t wait to tell everyone. Those fabulous new shoes you scored? You’re so proud to share you got them on sale at Nordstrom.  Get the picture? You love your product, therefore you recommend it.

Has the opportunity changed your life?

If you are like me and believe that your opportunity is a gift, you naturally want to share it with people that could really benefit. When you see what your business can help a family pay for dance lessons, or car payments, or finally get them to Disney, you want to share. It is up to them at that point. You don’t want to be in the business of talking anyone in to anything- you share your gift and if they choose to open it…yay!

Does earning extra money without being a salesperson sound intriguing? Connect with me and I can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. (without being sales-y) You can also see what you should do before you join a company here.

If you’re more of a “ease into it” kind of person, join the community and observe for awhile!

Direct Sales without being a salesperson
Direct Sales without being a salesperson


xo stacy
xo stacy


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