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Halloween night is the best!

What to do after the trick or treating?

Activity for after trick or treating your kids will love pinterest image

All the planning and excitement of what to be, and  seeing all your friends outside in costumes, all for the sole purpose of getting free candy!

When I was little, we were always forced to dump our bags out, so our parents could check each individual piece for razor blades. Not sure if it was a scare tactic, or if some crazy person was actually taking razor blades and somehow stuffing them into fun size Snickers.

My brother and I would be ooohing and ahhhing and already trying to make trades, while our parents were inspecting.

Once I became a parent of trick or treaters, I was looking forward to sharing this trading game with my girls.

When I overheard my daughters and their friends saying things like “oh man- you got so many Snickers, I barely got any” “yea but you got so many Whoppers and I love those!”

I suggested we should hang out a little longer on the floor and do some trading.

I didn’t have to give any direction; these kids were very excited!

They dumped out their candy and started sorting it. (I had already checked for poison, and sharp objects)

I loved seeing their long rows of Reeses and Milky Ways, and especially their different techniques of organizing.

Once everyone was ready the bargaining began. “I’ll give you 3 Mike and Ikes for your full-size Hersheys”

The whole session lasted about 30 minutes and afterward everyone felt accomplished and thrilled with their bounty.

Let’s play Store

The game has continued with all 4 of my girls, and  somehow ended up with the name “Store”  I really don’t know which kid named  it  but it stuck, and  has lasted about 10 years.

Sadly, now that my “baby” is 12 this year,  walking the neighborhood on Halloween night might be coming to an end.  It will be bittersweet as I transition to  being one of those  houses with the cool people in the driveway all warm and toasty from  my fire-pit.  Of course we  will pass out candy while sipping on adult beverages.

Do you play “Store” in your house? I made this cute printable for your kiddos to keep track of their candy 


Make sure you grab it below and may all of your Snickers end up in my pile!




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