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How to donate hair

It’s really quite simple with a little pre-planning.

You must have long hair!

That’s step 1.

It depends on the organization,  but to be safe I would suggest that you have at least 10 inches you are willing to cut off at one time.

This was a pretty common occurrence in our household, since I have 4 girls. The tricky part was the “all at one time” part. Cutting your hair sometimes is a process and you start off small and end up going back a few times until you end up with 10 inches gone, but in 3 different haircuts. Thus: the pre-planning.

2 types of donations:

Some people love the idea of donating their hair to help others. They plan to donate, taking  great care of their hair and refuse to cut it until they have the minimum requirement. This is such a beautiful act of kindness, and it warms my heart when people are nice.

The other type of people just have really long hair and are ready to chop it all off,  Or a  mom who refuses to have another morning fight about tangles. This post will be about those tired moms.

Before I get into the details, let me share something with you that you may not have thought about.

Some kids are freaked out!

This may sound weird, but I have weird kids so I know. I don’t really understand it, but it’s a thing. When I mentioned “let’s donate your hair” and explained the situation, they actually said “no, I don’t want to do that.” Um…excuse me? Again- I was so shocked by the response, so I didn’t react well.  Instead of trying to understand,  I think I may have spouted off something about being ungrateful and selfish and some other judge-y things about my daughter. I don’t have advice on what to do if she feels this way, just don’t be shocked.

Won’t go the extra inch

My 12-year-old just donated her hair, and it’s disappointing to admit, but  it was a struggle. She had hair past her waist and all summer she had been talking about cutting it all off.

So at the end of the summer she was ready. I said “great you have enough to donate”, and she  was fine until the day came. Then she started saying “maybe I don’t want to cut 10 inches.”  We discussed the difference between 8, 9, or 10 for her vs. what it could mean for someone with no hair. Yes- I was playing the guilt card, but it wasn’t working.

Before photo before donating hair to Locks of Love
Ariel before she had her hair cut

When we got to Great Clips, and I told the stylist we were thinking of donating, she didn’t seem happy about it, in fact she seemed to be put off and implied it was a hassle.  She wasn’t helping my mission at all.

I told her not to worry-we are prepared and she just needs to cut. I share this with you so you don’t let anyone intimidate you into not donating!

Now that we got a few potential issues out of the way, let’s get to the steps!

Call the salon 

Find out ahead of time if your local place will participate in this. Some salons, will actually get involved and make it really easy for you, by taking care of all the details. You just need to let them know you plan on donating  hair and they do the rest.  Great Clips which I mentioned, you’re on your own. That  is totally fine because you will be prepared!

Decide where you want to donate

Do a little research and make sure the charity aligns with your goal of making a difference. I’ve listed 3 different options, but there are more out there, if these don’t do it for you.

We have always donated to Locks of Love, but I’ve listed a few others for you below.

Please note that the Pantene program is going away at the end of 2018. They are the organization that makes wigs for adults.

Locks of Love

Wigs for Kids


Standard guidelines

Wash and dry your hair.

It’s very important that it is dry. or it will mold in the bag and get thrown away when it gets there.  That would just be sad, right?  Not that they will  tell you, but still.

If you have chemically treated hair, permed, colored, etc- make sure you call the organization ahead of time to see if they will accept it. The same goes for grey. Some will accept, some won’t. I know this post is for kids but you never know-maybe you will be planning a mother daughter donation!

Come prepared

Have your hair in a pony tail, or 2, or braid.

Bring a ruler

Have a large gallon type ziplock bag.

Have an addressed large envelope ready to go. (otherwise if you’re like me the creepy pony tail will sit on your kitchen counter for so long, you will end up throwing it away)

Take pictures to send in to the organization! You can even request a thank you to be sent to you or your daughter, unless you are keeping it a secret because she’s freaked out, but  you sent it  in anyway. Yes. I’m guilty.


After photo of 10 inch haircut in order to donate to Locks of Love
Ariel after she cut 10 inches of hair!

Make a really big deal out of the  gift your daughter just gave! Our family celebrates with shakes. Steak n Shake has turned into Starbucks, now that they are older. Frappuccinos are shakes, right?

Congratulations! You have made the world a little bit cheerier! Watch the mail, because she might get a certificate!

Has your daughter donated hair? What are your tips? I would love to have you share in the comments, because I’m sure there are always new things to learn.

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