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Kids baking championship show inspired gift guide image for pinterest

Kids baking championship show inspired gift guide

This gift guide is the exact one I made when I was deciding what to get for my 12 year old daughter who is a huge fan of Kids Baking Championship. She loves to bake and every time she wishes for something else.

This list is not geared toward little bitty kids, only because they might think these things are boring and useless.

I chose only items that had at least a 4 star rating and plenty of great reviews. Hope you enjoy! The photos are all clickable to Amazon for easy shopping!

#1-An extra Kitchen Aid Bowl with handle

Everyone can use an extra kitchen aid mixer. I never thought about it really- just wash and dry and re-use. However, from the perspective of a tween/teen- is a dream come true. How do I know? Because every time  Ariel bakes she says I wish I had an extra mixing bowl so I could just start making frosting…fill in the blank

#2 Magnetic Kitchen Conversion chart

This is brilliant! Especially for the younger ones that aren’t up on their math facts just yet. I love the emergency substitution list on the bottom too! Out of honey? No problem!

#3-Liquid Measuring cup

Every baker needs a measuring cup for liquids and this one is oh so clever. You can see the measurements from above, for easy peasy viewing.

#4-Magnetic measuring spoons

Pretty colors and magnetic! So much fun!

#5-Mini Bundt cake pan

 The kids on the baking show are always grabbing little Bundt pans and making adorable little creations. Of course we need one of these pans!


#6-Easy Layer cake pan set

Who doesn’t want to bake a cake that looks like this? This set is so nice because you only need one batch of cake for all 5 pans!

#7-Edible Markers

 Edible markers make it a little easier to decorate if your piping skills aren’t where you’d like just yet.

#8-Flour sifter

I always thought sifters were unnecessary with all the pre-sifted flours, but if Kids Baking Challenge uses them, they make the list! I saw a really pretty teal one, but when the reviews mentioned seeing blue paint in the flour, I decided we don’t have to be cute here. Safety first always!


#9 -3 Tiered cooling rack

This is the perfect cooling rack if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen. Even if you do have a lot of space, sometimes you still might have your big giant baking mess all over the place, so you need your cookies to cool in a small corner somewhere.

#10-Cupcake Carrier with handle

 Ariel bakes almost every weekend!  We finally had to start giving her goodies away because I can’t be trusted not to eat 5 cupcakes in one sitting. I have been using plates covered in foil (you know that sticks to the frosting when you peel it off?) When she saw this case she nearly fell out of her chair!


#11- Set of icing colors

  Nothing like a fresh set of colors for your creations! This would be a great set with the layer cake pan set too!


#12- Giant Bucket of cookie cutters

 Letters and numbers and holidays oh my! So many possibilities for creativity in the big tub of fun!

#12 Set of Silicone Whisks

 We own ONE cracked and rusted metal whisk. This looks like a dream come true for Ariel!



#13 Macaron baking mats

 Boy those kids on the baking show love to make macarons! (we always thought it was pronounced maca-roons, but now we know better) I don’t think Ariel was dying to make them until she saw these awesome mats! Tip: make sure your macarons have good feet!

#14- An adorable pair of oven mitts

We are down to one oven mitt and it has holes. Yes, we have burned our hands. At this time the  responsibility is all mine for putting things in the oven and getting them out. With these, she can take the cookies out of the oven with her BEAR hands! ha ha

#15- Decorating supplies 

 Decorating tips and piping bags is a decorators dream. This one comes in a cute case too!

#16-Baking book especially for kids

I have no experience with this book but it got great reviews


#17- Good quality measuring cups

If your baker doesn’t have measuring cups, start here! Plastic get all wonky in the dishwasher and lose their shape-I sacrificed cute for quality

#18-Cupcake Display

    Such beautiful creations should be displayed!

#19- Plenty of mixing bowls with lids

  At the risk of sounding like our kitchen has nothing, we are usually hard pressed to find more than one or two mixing bowl so these stack-able stainless steel mixing bowls seem luxurious!

#20- A cookie scoop


A cookie scoop is the best. Ariel likes to make her cookies all the same size and this does the job. We also use it for filling cupcake pans. Feeling crazy? Try it as an ice-cream scoop!


#21- Rolling pins

  Non-stick which is so important! If  you have ever used one that isn’t, non-stick you know what I’m talking about, right? This cute set comes with a kneading mat with measurements and 2 cookie cutters!

#22- Brownie cutting tool

I added this one myself. It’s a brownie cutter.  Cut your pan of brownies without scratching up the bottom of your nice pans, and it goes in the dishwasher!








#23- Donut Baking Pan


One word: Donuts

#24- Apron

 Every baker wants to look official. Not only that- wearing an apron is a great place to wipe your hands once you’re tired of licking your fingers. This one is perfect displaying all the goodies to make.




#25- Silicone Baking Mats


I didn’t know these existed! Silicone mats that go in the oven? No greasing,spraying, or parchment paper required. Don’t worry- they are safe.

#26- An entire Baking Set


  Does your baker need to start from scratch? Like the pun? If they just decided they would like to start baking, this would be amazing! Ariel has been begging for a hand mixer for awhile. I don’t get it because I had one for years and couldn’t wait to ditch it for the kitchen aid.


#27- Silicone Cupcake Pan


If you are ever the one stuck with cleaning the cupcake tin- you will really appreciate this silicone non-stick cupcake/muffin pan. Plus- look how pretty! It comes in other colors, but I chose purple.



#28-Air brush machine


Baking has come a long way! How cool would it be to have an air-brusher for your baked goods? This would be a novelty gift for sure and may even be the favorite gift they get!


#29- Cake Cutter and Leveler


Level the cake so your layered cake is not lumpy and uneven before you start decorating.

#30- Anything Duff 🙂

    If you are buying for a kid baking show fan- a book by Duff is a sure win! Ariel got this book last year and loves it! She even has it standing up on her nightstand as decoration.



#31- Cake spinner with icing tools

 I’ve saved the most talked about want for last! A cake spinner for frosting! This is where the wish list began!


I hope you enjoyed this assortment of gift ideas for bakers!

Who is the baker in your life?  Comment here and share what your favorite goody is in the comment.

xo stacy



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