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Gift Guide for travelers with 40 great ideas

40 Awesome gift ideas for travelers. Pinterest Image

I just love putting together gift guides. The idea starts when I’m researching what to get someone in my family and voila- it becomes a post because why not share all the research I’ve done to  make your life easier?

The 40 items are numbered but the numbers don’t mean anything other than for me to keep track. I did organize by categories,so feel free to just scroll past certain things if it doesn’t apply, though I will say, there is some pretty cool stuff on this list that you might just want to get for yourself!


#1 Hilarious title was all it took for me!

But let’s face it: who doesn’t want to know this?


How to shit around the world book with clickable link#2 Great guide for any adventure seeker

1000 Places to see before you die book with Amazon link



#3-Packing cubes in different sizes

I have some that I got a long time ago and it’s so great to organize your things in different little pouches. Keeps you from digging through your whole bag looking for something.

Shacke Pak set of organizing bags clickable link to amazon

#4-Bag for All The Chords

This gift is perfect for the business traveler. Not sure if I would buy for someone who is going on a vacation because, well, they should try and unplug and relax.

Electronics Travel Accessories organizing bag with clickable link

#5-Pack-able Backpack

Look how tiny the little bag is! And-all the colors! This would be perfect for anyone on your list!


Packable backpack in green but available in many colors

#6- A Packing Check List

Always forgetting something? These little pads are so cute!

Pack This Tear off Pad for traveling


#7-Neck Wallet (pickpocket protection)

Don’t let one bad person ruin your whole trip! Conceal all your cards,passport,and cash under your clothes.

Neck Wallet for traveling to conceal passport with Amazon clickable link

#8- Wine Wings-Who knew?

Not me! It never occurred to me to bring wine on a trip! Your wine friends will love you for this!

Wine bottle protector for traveling with Amazon link

#9- Travel Accessories Bundle

Adapter,earplugs,luggage scale and lock, passport holder and an eye mask- all set.


Travel accessories kit with luggage scale and lock

#10- Shoe Bags


Shoe bags for travel for your luggageNo one wants their filthy shoes touching their clean clothes.

#11-Colorful Packing Bag Bundle

Packing bags from Amazon Turqoise Blue I love the clear ones for security!


#12- Make up Bag

Special compartment for brushes and pencils-even has a mirror!

Make up organizer for travel with mirror

#13- Jewelry Bag

Yes please for me. My stuff is always getting tangled in the ziplocs!


Jewelry Organizing bag for travel

#14- Travel Belt

For those that would rather wear a belt than a necklace

Travel Belt for Passports and Cash anti-theft

#15- Space Saver Bags

Suck the air out so you can bring more stuff!


Space Saver Bags for packing

#16- Laundry bag

Laundry Bag for travel in Grey with Laundry Monogrammed It even says Laundry on it so you will not forget



#17- World Adapter

So convenient all in one


Travel Adapter Worldwide white Charging


#18-Stamped Bangle Bracelet

I got this one for my flight attendant daughter and she loves it!


Stamped Bangle Bracelet Rose Gold Safe Trip Wherever you Go

#19- Charm bracelet

Designed like the popular (A &A) bracelets that everyone loves

Bangle charm stainless steel bracelet with charms of airplane globe passport and camera



#20- Postcard Binder

Not really a journal but a great gift for the postcard collector!

Postcard Binder for collecting and storing postcards

#21-Map Journal


Travel Journal with maps on cover#22 Leather Journal

I think this is amazing!

Leather Travel Journal with embossed copper elephant

#23- Refillable Journal with creative inserts

5 star reviews!

Refillable travelers notebook with accessories for creativity



#24- Scratch off Map of the World

This beauty is what inspired me to write this post! I was looking for my daughter(not the flight attendant) and fell in love with this! Next thing you know I’m putting together a gift guide so I can share all the good finds with you. One of my other daughters loves to bake so while shopping for her I made a kid baking gift guide.

Map of the world Hanging Scratch off Art for the wall

#25- Coffee Mug with Water Color Map

You can never have too many coffee mugs

 #26-Travel Inspired Throw Pillows

These are adorable!


#27-Wooden Sign

Bundle with the pillows for a cozy reading nook

#28-Christmas Ornament

Of course be mindful of their customs-some people don’t have Christmas trees!


#29-Dictionary Artwork

What a unique gift! Made on a real dictionary page that was headed for the landfill. Love it!

#30- Wine Charms

These are perfect for the wine lover who travels. (would pair nicely with the wine packing bags)






This is brilliant! And- you can pair it with the book so they will not only know where, but keep clean

#32-Men’s Travel sized Toiletry Bundle

Take the thinking right out of packing!

#33- Ladies Travel Toiletry Bundle


#34- Hand Sanitizing Wipes

When you just can’t wash your hands


#35- Compressed Towels

Throw them in your purse and clean up spills, or a quick face wipe. Think paper towels in a teeny tiny package

#36-Toiletry Pods

I know! How cool are these things?


#37- Hammock for 2

These  are all the rage. Great for camping or lounging on the beach between 2 palm trees(that would be my choice)

#38- Plush Travel Pillow with Hoodie

This would be pure delight! You can hide under the hoodie like you’re in a little cocoon


#39- Portable and Rechargeable Fan

                                                             Why be a hot and sweaty mess?







#40- Inflatable Travel Pillow Set

I just don’t even know what to say about this genius creation! This is exactly how I want to sleep on a plane and the tray table is just too far away from my head!


There you have it. Hope you found something in this guide for your traveler(or yourself) Did you find the right gift? Let us know in the comments!

xo stacy






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