22 unique white elephant gifts for your party

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Image 22 White Elephant Gifts that won't break the bank

22 unique gifts to bring for white elephant party

It’s that time of year where you will be invited to a lot of events and parties and be expected to bring a gift. Either something funny, creative, white elephant, and it’s hard to come up with ideas. That’s where this comes in.

Some of these are adult content only so don’t look if you will be offended!

If you’re still reading and you don’t get offended about stuff like that- be careful around your little ones while reading because there are images!

Also, I want to set the record straight before you dive in: I’m a really nice person and some of these are sarcastic and mean spirited which can be hilarious to some but not everyone. In other words; I am not suggesting these will be received well, but all fit the category of gifts you are looking for.

Talking Hamster-

This little cutie will repeat everything everyone says! Could be risky, but pretty hilarious too!

Insult people and get your Shakespeare in at the same time! 

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Instant Audience

I could personally use this! Trying to be funny and it’s just not working out?All the time for me. BAM!

Bullshit Button

Turn any event into a party with this handy dandy button!

Bob Ross Bobblehead

See the pure joy on the faces of all Bob Ross fans! There is no such thing as mistakes, right?

Funny coffee mug about pooping

Who are all the lucky souls that this describes?

The perfect winter hat

The finishing touch to your winter party outfit. Who knows, maybe this will inspire someone special to snuggle up to your forehead!



Draft beer jelly beans

The perfect gift for your beer lover, or to make sure your teen doesn’t like beer! I haven’t tried, these but EWWWWW…..sounds so gross.

Hand sanitizer for all the guys in your life

Am I wrong? I’m not a guy, but all the guys I have know love having their hand down their pants. Not sure they would use this though!


What the f#$k should I make for dinner book

Haven’t read this, but my only disappointment about it, is that I didn’t write it myself. All my kids know NOT to ask me this question! (because I never seem to know and it just causes defensiveness. )




Praise stickers for adulting

We all know how hard it is sometimes just to get through the day. Getting a sticker for your effort is always nice, even if you give it to yourself to brag about your accomplishment.


People of Walmart are back

These Walmart people have become a brand. I feel bad laughing at them, if they are real people, it would seem like bullying at its finest, but a very popular gift item!


More ideas for dinner!

The author alone is fantastic! Get your sexy on while you cook. I can’t tell if the tied up chicken is into this sort of thing, or felt pressured.




Funny memo notes for the office

The art is hilarious!




Should have been an email set of mugs

Yes! Perfect for the person who is always in a meeting! Not sure why this comes in “twos” but I”m thinking break up the set and you have 2 gifts!


Talking toilet paper

Perfect for the practical jokester.

Cute dog sentiment cards

Express your deepest thoughts with these adorable cards. These say it all!


Sassy coasters

Make sure to have these out at your next drinking get-together


                                                                                                                                                               Cute wrapping paper for all your white elephant gifts

Super cute idea! Not really a gift per-se but had to add it for the clever factor.



The famous Leg Lamp Night-light

Christmas Story fans will go nuts!



Nature’s Dick Pics Calendar

They had me at the title. Please note: this listing is for 2019 but for some reason the photo doesn’t update.

Caffeine addict mug

We all know people like this, right? Now they can make sure everyone is aware of their current mood.


There you have it! All 22 ideas for your white elephant party. All can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the image.

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Did you find something that is the perfect gift? Share with me in the comments!

xo stacy



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