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7 Reasons Why December is the perfect time to join direct salesThink December is the wrong time to join Direct Sales?

I’m here to tell you 7 reasons why it is the BEST time to join!

You will be going to parties and meeting new people-

Just think of all the fun conversations you can have about your amazing new products! The questions might come up like “so what do you do?” This is a golden opportunity to say “I’m a teacher,nurse,lawyer,doctor,….but what I’m super excited about starting my own business! Let the conversation go from there and you might end up with a new partner or customer!

Hello big discount on holiday gifts-

Think of all the friends and family you can gift your product to! If it already didn’t come in your kit, you will get anywhere from a 20-50%(or more) discount for all your shopping! Oh- and easy peasy, no malls, no parking lots with people honking at you. I might be projecting my parking phobia on you right now.


You can take advantage of your extra days off to figure it out 

Direct sales is so incredible because it’s just like a business in a box. Everything you need to succeed is right in front of you, usually with a website for training and your upline will help- While you are still learning you are able to make money! It’s called “earn while you learn” and it’s so true!

You will get a tax deduction

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, but from everything I know about it, your business kit is a business expense. And, even if you join half-way through the month in the very last month of the year, it’s a write off! (Once you are a business owner, you get a lot of other tax deductions too! I will double down on my disclaimer: check with your accountant.Working on taxes image

Up and running on January 2nd!

Since you took those few days to get acclimated to your awesome stuff, You can hit the ground running right at the start of the new year! If you met people at all your parties and events, and had those conversations I mentioned, you most likely will get your first paycheck in January! which brings us to my next reason for starting in December….

Pay down your holiday bills

Did you go a little crazy and lose track of all the places you used your credit card? $20 here, $15 there, $100 night out, etc. It all comes flooding back when you open your statement in January. Bleh

You deserve to treat yourself

This might be the best reason of all! You worked hard all year and after all, it is the holidays and there is nothing more exciting when your beautiful box of products arrive! Can you say Christmas morning?

Before you take the plunge and join, make sure you do your due diligence. Read the 3 things you should do before you join a direct sales company. 

Time to stop overthinking and get your new year off to a great start!


xo stacy




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