Why December is the best time to join direct sales

Think December is the wrong time to join Direct Sales? I’m here to tell you 7 reasons why it is the BEST time to join! You will be going to parties and meeting new people- Just think of all the fun conversations you can have about your amazing new products! The questions might come up […]


Must read books for direct sellers

My favorite books for direct sellers   The best part about direct sales is you actually can earn while you learn. Of course your company will have it’s own learning curve such as your products and basic administration, but what you really need is to learn from people that have been through some of the […]


3 Simple ways introverts can start networking

When you would rather be at home on your couch in your leggings, the word networking sounds about as much fun as well- networking! The thought of dressing up and putting make up on or dare I say- take your hair out of your messy bun just seems like too much! The good news is: […]


Why not being a salesperson is a good thing in direct sales!

All your friends have jumped on the direct sales bandwagon. Everyone has some sort of product they are selling or party they want you to go to. A lot of them have even asked you to join their team. It’s seems kind of fun and you wouldn’t mind earning some money of your own, but […]


3 Must do’s Before you start in Direct Sales

Direct Sales?! EEEK! You’ve decided you’re going to do it. Your friends seem to be having so much fun and they are making money! There are so many direct sales companies out there, how do you even begin to narrow it down to one? Start with products Are you a health nut? Do you love […]