What to do after trick or treating?

Halloween night is the best! What to do after the trick or treating? All the planning and excitement of what to be, and  seeing all your friends outside in costumes, all for the sole purpose of getting free candy! When I was little, we were always forced to dump our bags out, so our parents […]


It’s almost Mother’s Day….already?

Well, it’s here again! It seems like it was just Mother’s Day a few months ago. Whether, you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother, chances are you will be celebrating the  holiday next month. I’m weird about Mother’s Day. I don’t like the pressure of having to choose what to do. […]


Why you should teach your daughters to wash their face

  Your little girl needs to wash her face.  It’s just common sense to teach your children to have good hygiene, right? Well, it turns out, not everyone teaches this little life skill! In fact, I’m almost positive my own mother didn’t teach me. (mom stories will be a whole different blog!) Since I’m the […]