Must read books for direct sellers

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My favorite books for direct sellers


The best part about direct sales is you actually can earn while you learn. Of course your company will have it’s own learning curve such as your products and basic administration, but what you really need is to learn from people that have been through some of the things you will go through. I have compiled a list of my top 10 recommendations, and I’m thrilled to share with you. They are not all about direct sales, but all still have great information that will help you in your exciting journey!

I have read all of these books and think each one has it’s unique bit of wisdom for you.

 10 Must Read books for direct sellers  (in no particular order)

1. Go For NO!

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

Go for No book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

The premise is this: Don’t keep track of your yeses, but rather make it your goal to get NO’s.  The more you hear NO the closer you are to getting Yes. Teach yourself to feel excited when you hear no. It’s an  Excellent way to look at it, especially if you’re sensitive like me and hearing no hurts your feelings!

You turn the whole asking thing into a game. Maybe tell yourself until you hear 10 No’s, you can’t stop working for the day.

2.The Four Year Career

-Richard Bliss Brooke

The 4 year career book by Richard Bliss BrookeRichard (LOVE HIM) has been in network marketing for decades, which means he really knows his stuff. He breaks down the business model so you can really understand the power of network marketing . When you follow the plan, it is possible to have a 4 year career.You can even get a copy personalized for different companies.





3. Get over your damn self

                                  -Romi Neustadt     

Get over your damn self book by Romi NeustadtRomi is a top leader and earner in my company and has written this incredible down to earth-in- your- face, no BS account of what you need to do to be successful in this business. She breaks it down in real language with sections called “she’s just not that into you” and “She’s interested now what?” This book really maps out the steps you need to take to be successful. You have to get out of your own way.

4. The 5 Second Rule

                                -Mel Robbins


The 5 second rule book by Mel Robbins

Mel went through some rough times and she shares how she was able to work through it by using the 5 second rule. It’s all about breaking bad habits by tricking your mind into doing the thing you don’t want to do by counting down from 5. The rule  is really so simple, but  you have to do it.  I highly recommend on listening on audio because she does such a great job just explaining it her own voice. On a side note: just found out she will be the keynote speaker at my convention!!! EEEEK! I’m planning on using the rule to somehow meet her!






Year of Yes book by Shonda Rhimes

5. Year of Yes

-Shonda RhimesYou know you will be in for a treat reading anything by this master story teller.  Who knew she was such an introvert? When I heard about this book in my awesome direct sales coaching group– I had to get my hands on it, and  After reading it I declared my word of the year to be, none other than yes!    I’m not anti-social, but would rather be home bra less and ready for bed by 9, than just about anywhere else.  As much as I love talking with people and being in fun restaurants, bars, concerts, parties, PTA meetings, girls nights out, bunco and (you  fill in the blank)- it usually takes a LOT of self talk to get my yoga pants wearing self out the door.

6. You are a Badass-

-Jen Sincero

You are a Badass book by Jen Sincero This calls all  of us out on not accepting our worth. Jen Sincero is like the BFF you wish you had. We all have stories we tell ourselves-called BS and she will point out how it’s holding us back from being the BADASSES that we truly are! You will love it so much you might even want the tear off calendar as an accessory!

7. You are a Badass at making money

-Jen Sincero

You are a Badass at making money by Jen SinceroI just love her so much, when I found out about this one, of course I couldn’t wait to devour it. I listened to this during my commute every morning. Such a great way to start the day listening to her hysterical anecdotes of her own life!  Oh the things we do to sabotage making money! Most of it starts from our childhood, because we grew up hearing all kinds of stories about money being the root of all evil, or we will never be able to live in a nice house because that’s only for rich people. Jen will give you a guided tour to changing  your mindset. Change your mantra to “I  will have a shit ton of money”





 8. Go Pro

-Eric Worre

Stop being ashamed of network marketing as a profession and just own it. Amen! Yes, for sure it  has earned it’s bad rap from the olden days with all the hype of getting rich quick, and tricking all your friends and family to coming over so you can lock them in your house to vomit up  your 2 hour presentation.   However, it  has slowly worked its way back into the good graces of many professionals. It is respected by many financial experts such as Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson.  The business model is brilliant(go back to 4 year career) and if done professionally deserves respect, and can be more lucrative than your typical 9-5.



The Go Giver

-Bob Burg

The Go Giver Book by Bob Burg

I heard about this book from my daughters middle school choir teacher. She has her 7th graders read it. It’s a concept I didn’t learn as a child and, I wish I would have read this in 7th grade, but better late than never. The more you give with no expectations, the more you will have come back to you. A quick read, and a lovely story, and so thought provoking.




-Angela Duckworth

Grit Audible cover by Angela Duckworth
Do you have what it takes, or  Do you lose interest in something because it gets hard, or something better comes along? (Squirrel!)  A fascinating book with the studies to back up the stats. This is another book from my fun coaching group.  The book even comes with a quiz to check your own grittiness. I “failed” the test, but was able to see the hope by listening until the end. I listened on Audible- (my eyes might have glazed over looking at all of facts and figures on the page)



10 must read books for direct sellers image for pinterestThere you have it- My list of 10 must read books for direct sellers.



Have you read any of these books? What are your favorites that you would recommend? Please share in the comments- I would love to hear from you.






























3 Simple ways introverts can start networking

When you would rather be at home on your couch in your leggings, the word networking sounds about as much fun as well- networking!

The thought of dressing up and putting make up on or dare I say- take your hair out of your messy bun just seems like too much!

The good news is: it doesn’t have to be dreadful.

The bad news is: you need to be doing it if you own a business.

The definition of networking: 1 : the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.

Let’s start with informal networking because chance are, you are already doing it every day and don’t even realize it

At work

Do you have a job outside of your home? You might not enjoy going to work every day but you are in fact networking. See? Easy peasy! You’re chatting with your co-workers about stuff you did over the weekend or your terrible experience at the dentist, or the cute outfit everyone is complimenting you on. They want to make sure they don’t go to that dentist, where did you get that outfit and what great restaurant was it!

Your kids events

Do you have kids? This applies even if you don’t because if you haven’t had children- you probably have your own events! A lot of times I just don’t want to go!  Another concert, soccer practice, game, party at school, how do people do all of it? When I am faced with my negative voice I try and bring it back to a place of gratitude. I know how fortunate I am to have the time in my schedule to go, and I try and have a good attitude. Bonus points for going: These are terrific opportunities to network if you don’t have a job outside the home! You know how us girls are- you meet someone for the first time at a soccer game and before you know it, you know about her birth plan for baby #4

Friends and Family

this is the easiest one of all! We love being around our friends and family, right? Well, even if that isn’t necessarily true all the time, you will be around them so enjoy the time you have with them and who knows, you might learn of some great new places to vacation! Maybe their best friend is a travel agent, or owns a beach house in Florida!

Okay so those are pretty easy because it’s already on your schedule and you don’t have to make it happen. (other than get off the couch and throw some lipstick on!)

Let’s talk about networking for the specific purpose of networking. Yuck, right? That’s what I thought too, until I tried it. It wasn’t overnight, but it is like most things- a muscle. If you work it enough, you will get used to it and it’s not so terrible.

Just remember- anyone you meet could be the connection that will change your life!

Want to connect with me? That’s really easy because you can stay right there in your jammies and just click here!


xo stacy

3 easy ways for introverts to netork
3 easy ways for introverts to network



















5 things you can do for your skin starting today

5 Easy things you can start doing today for your skin

It’s the largest organ in our body, yet so many of us don’t take care of it. We work out and eat healthy (by we I mean you) yet when it comes to our skin, we sort of take it for granted.  Here are 5 easy things you can do immediately to get in the good habit of healthy skin.

Drink water

I’m amazed at how many people do not drink water! Maybe because other than a cup of coffee in the morning, it’s all I drink and it’s all my kids ever drink. I’ve heard people say they don’t like water. I’m sure that’s true and there is a good reason for it, but I don’t get it because it has no flavor. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and we lose a lot throughout the day and we need to replenish. If we aren’t drinking an adequate amount of water, we can become dehydrated. Skin gets crepey and looks dry.

Wear sunscreen

I’ve turned into the “sunscreen police” in the last few years and you won’t ever catch me without. I wear it in the house, in the car, when it’s cloudy, when it’s raining, in the winter….all the time! My family is constantly making fun of me saying things like “OMG mom. It’s not even sunny!” Or, “You’re in the house, it’s not like you can get any sun” Of course they just don’t know any better and they like to tease me any chance they get. One photo I’ve seen comes to mind. It is a truck driver who had one side of his face all sun damaged and weathered looking, while the other side looked pretty healthy. It is pretty remarkable. Yes. The side of his face that looked all weathered was the side the sun is always on while he is driving. IN HIS TRUCK!


There are dead skin cells all over your face and body. EWWWWWW! You should exfoliate at least once a week. When you exfoliate you are getting rid of all that yuck and allowing healthier, and younger looking cells to appear. It also helps your other products to work more efficiently, including your moisturizer which is next on the list. Not sure what you can use to exfoliate? Try this decadent tub of goodness, I know you will LOVE it!


Your face is exposed all the time! You don’t get to wear clothes over it, (remember the Unknown Comic?) so everything that is in the air is drying it out. Especially in the winter months when we are running our heaters and the cold temperatures are drying also.

Stay out of the sun

Ahhhh….I love the sun! I’m a California girl.  I love the beach and sunny days and the way it feels on my skin. Why am I telling you to stay out of it? Because I’m writing about things you can do right now that are good for your skin. And sun isn’t one of them! I know. I didn’t used to know. Well, I knew but didn’t care. If you are spending summers at the pool, beach, or lake house, that’s okay. Just make sure you are staying in the shade and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. My kids make fun of me for that too! Nothing is as embarrassing though as mom popping up an umbrella at soccer games when it’s sunny!

Soccer mom tip for healthy skin: stay out of sun!
Sunny day at soccer!

Here’s to healthy looking skin!

Answer these few questions to get a personalized skin recommendation!

XO Stacy




What can you do about Sensitive Skin?

What is sensitive skin?

Do you look in the mirror and see red? Chances are you are one of the millions of people who have sensitive skin.

Foundation is your best friend.  It’s just the way it is and has always been. You don’t like it, but you have grown to accept it.

Why do I have sensitive skin?

You may have a genetic disposition to sensitive skin. Thanks mom! Or, you  may have great genes, but have been using some products that are  not playing nicely on your skin. Maybe there are some environmental factors that are irritating your skin. Skin is a funny thing and can be very wishy-washy. (like the pun?)

Nothing has worked

Okay- so the bummer is, your face is red and you don’t like it.  You  think you are going to need to purchase stock in your favorite foundation company because you don’t leave home without it. Maybe not- Let me share some  good news! You might be able to get rid of that red face once and for all!

Exciting,  Right?

You are going to tell me you’ve tried everything. You’ve used over the counter drugstore products, and even sought the help from a dermatologist. Nothing-has-worked. Let me pipe in some super hero music…  introducing Soothe Regimen from Rodan + Fields!  If you haven’t tried it, you have not tried everything!

Soothe Regimen before and after
Soothe Regimen before and after-real results

Soothe regimen works to combat redness in as little as 5 minutes! But wait, there’s more! Not only does it decrease the redness on your skin, it is clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, protect, and nourish sensitive skin. It even builds the lipid barrier to help prevent future flare ups! Yes.   With continued and consistent use, your skin could look fresh enough to not only ditch the foundation, but be ready to fight fine lines and wrinkles, that’s in the very near future.

Too good to be true? Skeptical? Try it out for yourself with no risk. That’s right. You can use these products for 60 days and if you don’t like your results, take those empty bottles and put them in a box and ship them right on back. Your money will be refunded!

If you’re tired of seeing red, it’s time you try just one more thing!

Contact me for your free skin care consultation!

What to do for sensitive skin
What to do for sensitive skin



Why not being a salesperson is a good thing in direct sales!

I'm not a salesperson
I’m not a salesperson

All your friends have jumped on the direct sales bandwagon. Everyone has some sort of product they are selling or party they want you to go to. A lot of them have even asked you to join their team. It’s seems kind of fun and you wouldn’t mind earning some money of your own, but you stop before you even start because you know yourself and there is no way you can sell.

 Why it’s good to not be  a Sales-person

Sales-y is cheesy

No one wants to be “sold” to. Right? If you’re not a salesperson, consider this a fantastic advantage. In fact, sometimes salespeople don’t do well in this industry. Just be authentically you and the rest will fall into place. It’s all about building relationships, not selling.

Do you use your product?

Make sure you LOVE your product and that you believe in it. You are not “selling” because you are really just giving people a recommendation for a product that you are using and love. This is already happening all the time in your everyday life, right?  After seeing  a great movie  you post on facebook that everyone needs to run out and see it. Your dentist is your hero after you made it through a root canal with no pain and you can’t wait to tell everyone. Those fabulous new shoes you scored? You’re so proud to share you got them on sale at Nordstrom.  Get the picture? You love your product, therefore you recommend it.

Has the opportunity changed your life?

If you are like me and believe that your opportunity is a gift, you naturally want to share it with people that could really benefit. When you see what your business can help a family pay for dance lessons, or car payments, or finally get them to Disney, you want to share. It is up to them at that point. You don’t want to be in the business of talking anyone in to anything- you share your gift and if they choose to open it…yay!

Does earning extra money without being a salesperson sound intriguing? Connect with me and I can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. (without being sales-y) You can also see what you should do before you join a company here.

If you’re more of a “ease into it” kind of person, join the community and observe for awhile!

Direct Sales without being a salesperson
Direct Sales without being a salesperson


xo stacy
xo stacy

3 Must do’s Before you start in Direct Sales

Before you join Direct Sales Stacy Covitz Carmel Indiana
3 Things to do before you join Direct Sales

Direct Sales?! EEEK! You’ve decided you’re going to do it. Your friends seem to be having so much fun and they are making money!

There are so many direct sales companies out there, how do you even begin to narrow it down to one?

Start with products

Are you a health nut? Do you love jewelry? Clothing? Skin care junkie? Candles? Cooking? Crafts? You get the idea. Chances are, whatever your “thing” is, there is a direct sales company or 1o that you can join. Try out some products and see which ones you are absolutely crazy about!

Do your research

I’m not just talking about a google search on companies. Often times, there will be that one terrible post at the top usually from some disgruntled customer or most likely consultant who is so mad that she wants everyone to know about it. So many people are drawn to the negativity, that it ends up at the top of google. Don’t let this be a deal breaker! Dig deeper. Go to the DSA (direct selling association) See how long the company has been around. If it’s been at least 5 years, that’s a good sign.

Are they in debt? It’s comforting to join a company that is in the black.

What kind of training and support is in place? There is a lot to learn when you first start out, and you want to make sure you are not on your own out there. The great thing about this business is you can earn while you learn! Your learning curve will be much shorter if there are leaders and resources available.

You want to make some money, right? So make sure you understand the compensation plan. You don’t need to spend too much time on every little detail, but at least know the gist. Like, how often do you get paid? Is it on a debit card, paycheck, or does it go into your bank account.

Choose your sponsor wisely..

If she is your BFF- well then lucky you! This business is a blast when you get to work with friends.  You just want to make sure that whoever you choose, is someone you respect. This is the person that you will want to go to when you have questions, or just need someone to talk to about goals, training, worries, or dare I say- disappointments? She will also be your biggest cheerleader and by your side for your success! Imagine walking the stage with your bestie!! (I imagine it all the time)

Here comes the fun part! Choose your kit and sign up!

Congratulations. 🙂

Have questions? Contact me– I would love to chat.