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When it comes to the purchase of adult products, customer privacy is a major concern for many. Ensuring that you have full confidentiality when ordering online or in-store is important and understanding what measures are taken to ensure this is key.

One way in which companies can guarantee anonymity is by providing very plain packaging when they ship their products. This means that no one can guess what has been purchased by looking at the exterior of the package; this also ensures that delivery persons do not feel uncomfortable if delivering to a residential area or place of work.

Additionally, orders placed online should be billed without any reference to their content, allowing customers complete privacy and convenience when shopping for adult items.

Furthermore, reputable companies will never share customer information with third parties unless explicitly requested by them.

  • We don’t store any customer information
  • PayPal Information is deleted after confirmed receipt
  • All items are shipped in VERY plain packages or envelopes
  • Items through customs are listed as Health and Beauty aids or some variation of this
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